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I create unique and memorable names for startups

and established brands.

No other investment you'll make in your business will last longer

or get used more than your name.


What we do

What I do

Creating a knockout name can be one of the most important and challenging tasks when setting up or rebranding a business. Will it stand out? Is it going to be memorable? And just when you think you've cracked it, the heartache of discovering it's already been taken! 


It's no longer enough for your business name to just tell people what you do, a name might just be a word or two but like any good piece of brand communication, it needs to work a lot harder than just inform. As an advertising creative, I know how to unlock the core values of a business and inform in a way that also creates an emotional connection with your customers.

If you're struggling to find a name or tagline for your business, I have the experience to get to the heart of your story and create names that will be unique to you and memorable for your customers.

Phil Clarke
The Name Catcher

I’ve been an advertising creative for nearly thirty years. A journey that has taken me from junior creative with US agency Chiat/Day to Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London. I now freelance - creating advertising for some of the world's biggest brands, and names for 

small businesses wanting to take on the world.


Naming is my passion - I love the challenge of condensing the essence of a product or business into just one or two words. I believe the skills I've gained in solving advertising problems will help me create that knockout name for your business.

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How it works

How it works

The Toe Dipper


The Full Monty
  • 20 names.

  • Regroup.

  • 10 names. 

  • Repeat until we have your knockout name.

  • Each name presented with its thinking.

  • All names .com available.


The Extras
  • Free naming consultation.

  • Taglines and headlines.

  • Social media handles.

  • Trademark Checks - local and global.

  • Logo design briefing boards.

  • Acquiring domains.

  • You name it!



Recent projects

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Kind words

Kind words

Jose  Herrero  Spain 

"Great proffesional. Very nice to work with him. I will repeat for sure."
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