Welcome to The Name Catcher.

I'm an advertising creative with a passion for naming.

Great names never sit quietly in the corner

of the page, they stand out, stand for something

and take on a life of their own.



What I do

Creating a new name can be one of the most important and challenging chapters in the life of a business. Does it have to say everything? Can it say nothing? And when you think you’ve cracked it, you have the frustration of discovering your perfect name has already been taken!

The secret to unlocking that knockout name begins with understanding the story and ambition of your business, this informs and helps create your businesses unique naming strategy. From this starting point, I can create names for your business that won’t just stand out, they will stand for something that's unique to your business and make it easier for you to secure that all-important domain.

I won't leave you holding that newborn name - design plays an integral role in conveying the meaning of a name. With years of experience working with some of London's finest designers, we can work together with a designer to complete your naming journey.


If you want to give your new business or product the start in life it deserves, or you're looking to give your business a refresh, get in touch, and have a chat with The Name Catcher.

Phil Clarke

The Name Catcher

I’ve been an advertising creative for nearly thirty

years. A journey that has taken me from junior creative with US agency Chiat/Day to Creative

Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London.

I now freelance as part of a creative team for

some of London's best advertising agencies.

Naming is my secret passion - it's the ultimate creative challenge, condensing the essence of a whole business into just one or two words.

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 Recent Projects


BRIEF: A digital fitness platform that connects clients with motivational coaches through in-app messaging. SOLUTION: The gym that comes to you. A combination of Gym for fitness and Jim Jams for the comfort of your own home.

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BRIEF: A digital platform that aggregates events, activities and business offers in

your local area.  

SOLUTION: The more you get to know your neighbourhood, the more it feels

like you home, your manor, your hood.

BRIEF:  A curtain blind and cushion maker wanted a name that's fun and approachable, but not frivolous. 

SOLUTION:  There is great dexterity in needlework and most of that lies in the fingers and fingers are fun!  

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How it works

Mini Monty
Half Monty
Full Monty
  • We agree a naming strategy

  • One round of 10 names

  • All .com domain friendly 


  • We agree a naming strategy

  • One round of 10 names 

  • A catch up with the Catcher  

  • A second round of 20 names

  • All .com domain friendly 



  • We agree a naming strategy

  • One round of 10 names

  • A catch up with the Catcher

  • A second round of 20 names

  • A catch up with the Catcher

  • As many rounds as required

  • All .com domain friendly


Kind words

Rick Chant  / Exc Creative Director / Founder WE ARE Pi

“The Name Catcher swings for the fences every time. A joy to work with and always brings a sideways angle
to straight-talking challenges.”